Zacapa Master Blender of 34 years Lorena Vásquez, is one of only a few female leaders in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Named one of PEOPLE en Español’s 25 Most Influential Women 2015. She is a woman at the top of her field and one of a very small number of female master blenders in the world. Thanks to her nose and skill, Zacapa is one of the world’s best-tasting premium rums. For Lorena, being a Master Blender is not a profession but a calling -she considers herself as having one of the greatest jobs in the world at Zacapa. There, she is passionate about supporting the women who work at every level including a community of over 700 local Guatemalan women who are weaving their way to independence and empowerment by hand-crafting intricate ‘petate’ bands (woven palm leaves) which adorn Zacapa bottles.

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