Takamaka, the rum from the Seychelles founded by two brothers, Richard and Bernard d’Offay two decades ago, is launching a brand-new collection, the St André Series.  A collection of four rums, the St André Series truly represents what Seychelles rum is all about.

Takamaka employs a variety of techniques and methods to create its unique Seychellois rum, using a mix of cane and molasses rums, combining pot and column distilled rums, utilising pressed rums, and finally blending with world class Bajan rums. Designed to celebrate the rich heritage and Creole traditions of Takamaka’s island home, whilst at the same time push the boundaries of conventional rum making, the range is diverse and complex. The St André series suits all serves, whether simply sipped over ice, or enjoyed in a long and elegant highball.

The range is made up of four premium and highly unique rums; Extra Noir, Zepis Kerol, Pti Lakaz and Grankaz.

Family owned, Takamaka was founded by two brothers twenty years ago who have built the brand into the number one spirit on the island nation. Bernard and Richard d’Offay set out to create rums that capture the spirit of the Seychelles, with its diverse flavours and laid-back attitude, which they and their fellow islanders would enjoy. They didn’t follow an industry blueprint, instead using what means they had available to them to create their liquid.   20 years later, the brothers now produce a portfolio of premium rums that are enjoyed around the world, capturing the unique and undiscovered flavours of their remote, tropical island home in the Indian Ocean. 

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