Lower Ground Floor - Free to attend!


6.00-6.45pm - Rum, Power, People

Join host Sly Augustin for a tasting that explores the culture and history of rum, as told by the people that make it. Expect cocktails, stories and a selection of great rums.

7.00-7.45pm - Rum, Ron, Rhum

An exploration of the different styles of rum found across the English, French and Spanish-speaking Caribbean. Taste your way through one of the great debates facing the rum community, the question of whether these age-old labels are still relevant in the modern world.

8.00-8.45pm - Battle Of The Blends

There can be only one! It’s the battle of the blends here on the main stage with Duppy Share founder George Frost and Black Tot global brand ambassador Mitch Wilson. Learn what it takes to create a world class blended rum with this one-off tasting.


1.30-2.00pm - Rums Hidden Gems

A trip to the far reaches of the rum world, this tasting will introduce you to cult classics and lesser-known distilleries. Perfect for anyone looking to find a new favourite bottle.  

2.30-3.00pm - History Of Rum Cocktails

Join legendary bartender Georgi Radev for a trip through rum history. This session offers an exploration of rum cocktails through the ages from the early days of cane spirits to the tiki bars of the 20th century.

3.30-4.00pm - The Many Faces Of Jamaica

A distillery tour of Jamaica with Sly Augustin of legendary rum bar Trailer Happiness. Get to know the diverse character of Jamaican rum from the rich, smooth profile of Appleton Estate to the tropical funk of Hampden.

4.30-5.00pm - New World Rums

This session shines a light on the new generation of distillers making rum in the unlikeliest of places. Join rum aficionado Sly Augustin for a tasting that covers Australia, the Netherlands and even the Scottish Lowlands.

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