Cuba has a deep and rich rum producing history, and La Progresiva was born from the past experiences of the country’s highest quality rum producers, as well as the forward-thinking, next generation of Ron Maestro’s taking Cuban rum-making to the next level. Digging deep in the ageing houses, only the finest rums were selected to create the first-ever release from the La Progresiva range, sealed with the highest stamp of approval given to Cuban rum, the VIGIA seal.

La Progresiva is owned by two parties, The Island Rum Co. (a private company established by two Norwegians and a native Cuban) and the Cuban Government, as part of an official Joint Venture agreement, only the second of its kind since the revolucion in 1959. Between them, they have set out to reshape and redefine what Cuban rum is, and what it can be. This is just the first of many steps to come.

Only true, authentic and traditional production methods have been employed in the making of La Progresiva, and this comes through in every sip. The deep, rich mahogany colour draws you in, and on popping the cork an instant hit of lightly stewed fruits, apricot, smoke – and in a good way – earthy notes get the taste buds ready. The greatest thing with La Progresiva is that with each sip, the flavour builds and builds. It has a luxurious feel and instant dark cacao, sweet cigar smoke and woody notes fill the mouth. At 41%abv the flavours carry more prominently and for longer, making a truly wonderful experience from beginning to end. We suggest it is best enjoyed neat but can equally make fantastic cocktails too. True pleasure comes with having fun with it, after all, that’s what the Cubans would do.

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