Ron Santa Teresa is a single-estate rum, where every step of the production process occurs at the Hacienda Santa Teresa in Venezuela. Rich Terroir provides the perfect environmental conditions for aging rum. Santa Teresa 1796 a ‘Ron de Venezuela’ with Controlled Denomination of Origin (DOC). Santa Teresa 1796 is the culmination of five generations of rum-making expertise.

Family-owned business with more than 220 years overcoming adversities and making rum in Venezuela also the first ever rum to be registered in Venezuela. We age our rums for between 4-35 years before carefully blending up to 30 individual casks together to make the Relleno de Solera, which is then introduced to our traditional solera. 100% of our liquid goes to our traditional solera, ensuring every bottle of Santa Teresa 1796 is a living blend that still contains some of our first ever Mother Rum. 

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