Mount Gay is the world’s oldest running rum distillery, established in 1703. Founded and still located in the Parish of St Lucy, at the northernmost tip of Barbados, Mount Gay is crafted using pure, coral-filtered water and the finest Barbadian and Caribbean molasses.

Distilled in traditional double copper pot and copper column stills, Mount Gay rums are aged in a diverse selection of casks including American whiskey, Bourbon and Cognac. Harnessing over 300 years of heritage and expertise, Mount Gay rums are a fine balance between science, art and innovation. Blended by recently appointed Master Blender Trudiann Branker and aged under the influence of Barbados’ tropical climate, our rums highlight a unique, rich and flavourful character.

Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum is   crafted   from  a  blend  of  intense  and  aromatic  rums,   distilled   in   traditional   copper   pot      and      column      stills,      matured      between   3   to   7   years   in   American   whisky      casks      and      then,      finished for     6     months     in     deeply     charred     bourbon casks.

Mount  Gay  XO  Rum is  a  small-batch  blend  of  carefully  selected  mature  rums.  It  is  distilled  in  traditional  copper  pot  and  column stills and matured between 5 to 17  years  in  American  whisky,  bourbon  and cognac casks. Mount  Gay  XO  is  round  and  complex,  delivering   flavours   of   salted   caramel,   baked fig, clove and dark chocolate.

Wednesday 21st July – Thursday 29th July

Since 1703, Mount Gay has been distilling rum in Barbados. Today, under the watchful eye of Master Blender Trudiann Branker, it has gone from strength to strength. Discover Mount Gay Rum and taste their range with Global Brand Ambassador Miguel Smith at Laki Kane.

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