Olivier began collecting wines and spirits when he was 19 before he went on to read a Master's Degree at the French “Attache de Presse School.” After working in the automotive industry in France, Olivier along with his wife Linya Chiou started to import wine and spirits to Taiwan in 2006. At that time they imported single casks of rum alongside whiskies and Armagnacs. 

Being able to communicate about the products they imported mattered to them, particularly in being open and transparent providing as much information as they could. However, producers simply couldn't provide that level of information.  In 2013 a decision was taken: "if nobody was able to do it, we will do it ourselves."  With the same mindset: "If nobody produces rum in Taiwan, we will do it."

From 2013 until 2017 Olivier made the first production pre-tests and then 2017 they built the official Renaissance Distillery. Since the inception of the distillery, our goal has been to create a rum with high standards of production and a high level of transparency.

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