Born and bred in West London, Sly Augustin grew up around Caribbean culture and rum so it felt like fate when he became the owner of Notting Hill’s acclaimed mid-century tiki bar, Trailer Happiness in 2012.⁠ When he heard that his favourite local bar was destined for closure, Augustin made the choice to invest his savings into keeping it open and dedicated his time to reviving an institution founded almost 20 years ago.

In the last decade Sly has seen Trailer Happiness receive multiple awards including Imbibe’s “Best Rum List”, Think Rum’s “Best Individual Bar” and a Rum Barrel award for “Most important rum bar in the last decade” along with several others including a Spirited award for Best International High Volume Cocktail Bar’ at Tales of the Cocktail. Sly Augustin has been awarded “Rum Champion” by Think Rum and has been a judge for several global spirits awards and cocktail competitions. 

⁠Despite this recognition, Trailer Happiness remains very much a community bar. After the Grenfell Tower Disaster of 2017, Augustin got together with members of the hospitality community to found “Community Spirit” which raised funds for the survivors. Community Spirt continues to support charities that help local communities. Sly Augustin is also involved with the Equal Measures initiative and supports Be-inclusive Hospitality.


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