Antoine Poircuitte was born in East side of France in a familly with a long history of distilling also has a great appetite for good food and wine. Both grandfathers were farmers and alcohol makers, since he was 6 years old, he learned with them the art of distillation. Every year they harvested fruits during the summer and distilled in the winter. It was the occasion to have great familly memories around the still. Ever since, his passion for distilling has grown and the idea of having his own distillery matured. After a master’s degree in business and wine, he established himself in Vietnam and fell in love with the country.

In 2016 the big decision was made along with two friends, they naturally chose Vietnam to set up the Distillery because of the high-quality sugar cane and the love that all of them have for the country. In March 2019 they officially opened the doors of the Distillery d’Indochine. Since the first Batch Sampan was acclaimed by twelve international awards, such gold medal at London spirit Challenge, double gold and best in class at SFWSC, Best Asian rum at ISS. The adventure and the quest for excellence continues and look forward to release our first aged rhums at the end of this year. Time to set sail with Sampan! 



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