Carsten E. Vlierboom is CRO (Chief Rum Officer) of E&A Scheer BV in the Netherlands, a dedicated and specialist company blending bulk rum for a wide range of clients worldwide. He is also non-executive director of The Main Rum Company in Liverpool, a company specialising in selling casks of rare and old rums. Carsten has been working within the drinks industry for over 27 years and is an experienced master rum blender, blending Rums for many successful Rum brands and various other applications. Visiting and working with a wide range of Rum distilleries over the years, Carsten has many years of experience as a Rum Judge and chairman of the Rum panel at International Spirits Challenge in London. Besides his Rum work he holds the position of Honorary Consul for Jamaica in the Netherlands and he enjoys working with Jamaica, other Caribbean Islands and Rum producing countries all over the world.

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