More packs will be released in the coming weeks – if you wish to collate your packs onto one order then on Checkout please leave a message for the Customer Service team under Customer Service Notes and they will combine your Perfect Measure sets and bundles. 


Scottish Rum 

3.10pm - Thur 29 July 

Scotland has had a long history with rum and today there is a community of rum producers who might even give the Caribbean a run for its money. Dave Broom talks to guys behind Sugar House, Matugga and Ninefold about this new wave of enthusiasm.

  • Sugar House White 
  • Sugar House Wild Yeast
  • Matugga Golden Rum
  • Matugga Muvano 2020 Edition 
  • Ninefold Rum 
  • Ninefold Aged Rum

Buy the tasting Set - £29.95


How Blends Come Together 

4.30pm - Thur 29 July 

Rum is one of the only spirit categories in the world to actively blend across country, heralding back to the days of the Navy’s Tot of rum. Today we are seeing more and more of these wonderful blends coming onto the market. Join Carsten Vlierboom C.E.O and Master Blender for E & A Scheer, Oliver Chilton Master Blender for Black Tot and Ian Burrell Global Rum ambassador and owner of Equiano as they take a deep dive into what it takes to create a rum blend.

  • Equiano Rum 
  • Equiano Light Rum 
  • Black Tot Finest Caribbean
  • Black Tot Master Blenders Reserve

Buy the tasting set - £24.95 


Rum 101

4.30pm - Thur 29 July 

If you are just beginning your journey into rum and want to learn more about this wonderful spirit, join Dawn Davies as she explains what makes rum, rhum or ron.

  • Caliche Rum 
  • Clement Canne Bleue NV
  • Mount Gay XO Triple Cask Blend
  • Scratch Golden British Rum 
  • The Duppy Share Aged Rum 
  • Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Rum 

Buy the Tasting Set - £27.95


Foursquare - Innovation within Tradition 

7.30pm - Thur 29 July 

Join Richard Seale as we look at how even within a framework of tradition there is plenty of ways to innovate. For the Foursquare fans out there you will not be disappointed and may get to try some things fresh out of the still…You’ll also have the chance to win an incredible trip, courtesy of our friends at Visit Barbados!

  • Doorly's 14yo 
  • R L Seale's 10 yrs 
  • Foursquare Redoutable
  • Foursquare New-make Pot Still

NOTE - this pack is only available to SHOW ticket holders who will be contacted directly with details on how to purchase the set. 


Rums of Latin America 

9pm - Thu 29 July 

Latin America is a melting pot of styles and flavours. We are honored to be joined by Lorena Vasquez of Zacapa, Nastor Ortega from Santa Teresa and Miguel Riascos of La Hechicera for this journey of discovery.

  • La Hechicera Solera 21 Rum
  • La Hechicera Rum,  Serie Experimental No.1 Muscat Cask Finish
  • Ron Zacapa Sistema Solera 23
  • Ron Zacapa Centenario XO / Solera Gran Reserva 
  • Santa Teresa 1796 

Buy the Tasting Set - £31.95


White Rum – is it white or full of colour? 

3pm - Fri 30 July 

White Rum is stepping out of the flavourless shadows and into the light. Join Dean MacGregor Speciality Brands Rum Ambassador and Daniele Biondi International Markets Developer for LMV as they take you on a journey through the myriad of flavours you can find in ‘white’ rum.

  • Foursquare Veritas White Rum 
  • River Antoine Rivers Royale Grenadian Rum 
  • Providence 
  • Diplomatico Planas
  • Privateer White Habitation Velier
  • Blind Sample 

Buy the tasting set - £29.95


Indie Bottlers 

3pm - Fri 30 July 

We talk to three independent bottlers about their journey into the world of independent bottling- is it going to challenge the Whisky bottlers out there? We hear from the view point of John Barrat MD of Bristol Classics, Joshua Singh of SBS and new kid on the block Ben Boothe of Tamosi.

  • Bristol 2004 Reserve Rum Haiti / 43% / 70cl
  • Bristol Rums Caroni 1997 / 56.4% / 70cl
  • SBS TWE Exclusive Release
  • SBS TWE Exclusive Release
  • Tamosi TIBA Panama 2008
  • Pere Labat 2013

Buy the tasting set - £59.95


What is the future for English Rum

3pm - Fri 30 July 

Join Peter Holland of That Boutique-y Rum Company and Floating Rum Shack fame, Doug Miller from Scratch Rum and Philip Everett-Lyons of Hattiers as we discuss what English rum is and where is it going to go.

  • Scratch Faithful British rum
  • Scratch Golden British rum
  • Hattiers Egremont rum
  • Hattiers Resolute rum 
  • That Boutique-y Rum Company Greensand rum

Buy the Tasting Set - £26.95


Sugarcane spirits – Arrack, Cachaca, Aguardiente 

4.30pm - Fri 30 July 

There are so many wonderful spirits made with Sugarcane that are not technically classified as rum, some even predate the birth of rum! We take a look at some of these beautiful liquids and the stories behind them with Jos Zonneveld from By Dutch Arrack, Gianfranco Spada of Yaguarra Cachacha and Daniele Biondi from LMV.

  • Clairin Sonson 2018 
  • Grogue / Barbosa Amado & Vincente
  • Yaguara Cachaca Organic Blue 
  • Yaguara Cachaca Ouro 
  • By The Dutch Batavia Arrack 
  • By The Dutch White Batavia Arrack 

Buy the Tasting Set - £31.95


Agricole - the myths and the truths

4.30pm - Fri 30 July 

The word ‘Agricole’ is often misused as a catchall term for rhum made from sugarcane juice. Dawn Davies is joined by Stephen Martin of St James, Gregory Vernant from Neisson and Clementine Guillot of Damoiseau to discuss the true meaning of the word.

  • Neisson L Esprit Blanc 
  • St James VSOP 
  • Damoiseau XO 
  • St James Brut de Fut Millesime 2003
  • Damoiseau 2009 Rum 
  • Neisson Profil 105

Buy the tasting set - £39.95


Aged at Origin - what does it mean? 

6pm - Fri 30 July 

Aging is such a big part of the final character of a spirit and where a product is aged will have a profound effect on how it ages. This topic is becoming more relevant in the world of rum today as countries push for aging at origin to be part of legislation for GI’s. We explore this from the perspective of rum with Bruce Perry and Zan Kong, but with a twist by bringing in Eric Forget of Hine Cognac where origin is king.

  • Mezan XO Jamaican Rum Single Distillery 
  • Mezan Guyana 2008 
  • Worthy Park Portwood
  • Worthy Park Madeira Cask
  • Hine Early Landed 1986 1cl sample bottle 
  • Hine Jarnac 1986 1cl sample bottle 

Buy the tasting set - £44.95


Jamaica - Past, Present, Future with Joy Spence

7pm - Fri 30 July 

Jamaica is riding on a wave of popularity at the moment which doesn’t look like dying down. Dave Broom talks and tastes with the legendary Joy Spence about Jamaica’s past, present and where it’s future lies with the newly implemented GI.

  • Appleton 8 Year Old,
  • Appleton 12 Year Old
  • Appleton 15 Year Old
  • Appleton 1999-Vintage 250th Anniversary Blend.

Buy the tasting set - £34.95


One Country One Distillery  

7.30pm - Fri 30 July 

In an age where countries are trying to put legislation in place to protect what makes their rums unique the idea of terroir has become increasingly important. What happens when you are the only producer in that country? Mitch Wilson is joined by Daniyel Jones, Shaun Caleb and Margaret Monplaisir to find out just that.

  • Angostura 1919 Rum 
  • Angostura No.1 Cask Collection 3rd Edition 
  • Chairman's Reserve Legacy
  • Admiral Rodney Officer's Release No.2 2009 Irish Whiskey Cask 
  • El Dorado 8yo 
  • El Dorado Versailles VSG 2006 

Buy the Tasting Set - £36.95


Rum & Sustainability

9pm - Fri 30 July 

Sustainability in production is something we are more and more concerned about and the rum world has not been standing still when it comes to ensuring we safe guard our planet and people. We talk to leaders in the field Roberto Serralles from Don Q, Tomas Cano from Flor de Cana and Waluco Maheia of Copalli about how they are ensuring that they are making rum responsibly.

  • Don Q Signature Release Single Barrel 2009 
  • Don Q Double Wood Rum Sherry Wood Finish
  • Copalli Single Estate White Rum 
  • Copalli Single Estate Barrel Rested Rum 
  • Flor de Cana ECO 15yo Rum 
  • Flor de Cana 130th Anniversary 




11am - Sat 31 July

Sugarcane and Champagne are back - thankfully only for an hour….we think. Celebrating the anniversary of Black Tot 24 hours with some fabulous rum.

  • Explore the components of that make up the Black Tot Master Blender's Reserve.
  • Including rums from Barbados, Guyana, Trinidad, Jamaica and Australia that make up the final blend.

buy the tasting set - £39.95


Brave New World

1.30pm - Sat 31 July 

Rum has traditionally been seen as coming from the Caribbean and Latin America but in today's brave new world this is rapidly changing. Dave Broom takes a look at some of the exciting new rums from Taiwan and Vietnam, as well as learning about the surprisingly long history of rum in the USA and Australia.

  • Rhum Sampan 
  • Rhum Sampan Overproof 
  • Inner Circle 57.2 - Green Dot
  • Inner Circle 75.9 - Black Dot
  • Renaissance 2019 Pineau Blanc Cask 19092 
  • Privateer Rum Thick as Thieves

Buy the tasting set - £36.95


The Marques of Hampden

3pm - Sat 31 Jul

Hampden is famous for its rums with character and a lot of this flavour comes from the 8 marques they produce. From the lightest OWF to the big beastie DOK, which is so powerful it is rarely seen as a straight rum. Daniele Biondi will take you on a geeks dream tour of all 8 Marques.

  • Hampden DOK 2021
  • Hampden LROK 2021
  • Hampden HGML 2020
  • Hampden <>H 2021
  • Hampden C<>H 2021
  • Hampden HLCF 2020

Buy the Tasting Set - £34.95


Popcorn and Rum Pairing

6pm - Sat 31 July

We are bringing the ultimate food combo back for a second time! Join Dawn Davies as she puts the perfect pairings together- come with an open mind and a sense of humour.

  • Hattiers Egremont Rum
  • Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Rum 
  • Bacardi Diez 10yo 
  • El Destilado Wild Fermented Oaxaca Rum
  • Rhum Depaz VSOP 
  • English Harbour Port Cask Finish 

Buy the Tasting Set - £49.96


Cuba: the rebirth 

6pm - Sat 31 July 

Cuba has such a rich and vibrant history in rum but has been dominated by one brand in the international scene for a long time.  Today, three new exciting brands are coming onto the market to rejuvenate the category. Dave Broom talks to Eminente, Ron Progressiva and Santiago de Cuba about this amazing country.

  • Eminente Ambar Claro 3yo 
  • Eminente Reserva 7yo
  • Ron la Progressiva 13 
  • Ron Santiago de Cuba 11 Year Old Extra Añejo
  • Ron Santiago de Cuba 12 Year Old Extra Añejo

Buy the Tasting Set - £25.96  


The Four Amigos and the future of rum classification

7.30pm - Sat 31 July 

Join Dawn, Mitch, Dave and show guest Daniele Biondi for their finale of Rum Show where they tackle head-on the difficulties surrounding the classification of rum, whilst sipping on some of their favourite rums of the past year. We are sure this session will go rogue…

  • Sugar House White (Scotland) 
  • Clairin Sajous (Haiti)
  • Mount Gay Port Cask (Barbados)
  • Rivers (Grenada) 
  • Hampden Estate Rum Fire (Jamaica)
  • 1cl Sample of Renaissance Pineau des Charentes Cask (Taiwan).

Buy the Tasting Set - £36.95

The Art of Experimentation

A rare insight into some of the experiments Alexandre and his teams are working on at the West Indies Rum Distillery in Barbados and the Long Pond and Clarendon distilleries in Jamaica. Guests will have the opportunity to taste some incredible rums straight from the barrel, not yet available to purchase in any markets.

  • Two 3cl measures of unreleased rums from Barbados
  • Two 3cl measures of unreleased rums from Jamaica

Buy the Tasting Set -  £19.95

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