River Antoine Estate owns 15 hectares of organically grown sugarcane, located just a few meters from the beach. The cane is cut by hand and crushed with a water mill, moved by an old paddle wheel system, built in 1840. Operating without any electric power, using only gravity, the sugarcane juice is transferred to metal pans heated by a bagasse-fueled fire in order to concentrate. River Antoine is the only distillery left using such a technique.

Spontaneous wild fermentation is conducted in open-air concrete vats, taking up to 10 days. The wash is then distilled in two magnificent John Dore double-twisted pot stills, frequently refurbished with Vendome and Forsyth's parts. Coming out at 80-83% abv, the distillate is slightly reduced to 75% abv, bottled and labelled by hand to be sold on the local market. The 69% abv bottling available for export is the 'light' version.

Grenadians are so proud of their Rivers that a famous adage around the island says, ‘Don’t say rum, say Rivers!’

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