The Habitation Velier project was born in 2015, springing from the close collaboration between Luca Gargano and the best distillers in the world of Pure Single Rum, regarded as the very best expression of this spirit.

The aim of the range is to raise awareness in the rum market on the fundamental importance of the distillation process, and in general on production, from raw material to fermentation. And it is precisely to keep the focus on the method of distillation that the labels indicate the alembics used by every producer, as well as other technical information, such as the number of congeners - non-alcoholic substances responsible for the product’s aroma - present in the spirit, and the marks, identifying the different types of rum produced by the same distillery. 

To date, the range encompasses 45 releases, inclusive of white and aged rums from 11 different distilleries. Indeed, every Habitation Velier rum reflects an original project with truly unique features: a “world première” for each distillery. 

White Pure Single Rums are the purest, most quintessential expression of sugar cane and its derivatives (molasses). Having a high alcohol content, they are the next generation rum for all passionate mixologists. Single-vintage rums are aged entirely in a tropical climate, with an angel's share of more than 8% per year, which allows for accelerated natural ageing compared to the European method, at the expense of the quantity of product. The products are all bottled barrel-proof, without the addition of caramel, sugar or any other non-distillation element.



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