Mark & Kate Watt
Mark & Kate Watt

Although they founded their own independent bottling company in late 2019, Kate & Mark have been working in the spirits trade for over 20 years each, and Mark has been involved with bottling rum for over 15 years. 

The company ethos is all about the taste, hence why the logo is a stylised cross-section of a taste bud.   There’s no particular focus on any one style or origin of rum - rather they bottle what they like. So far, this has included rums from Travellers, CADC, Foursquare and Clarendon with hopefully more to come in the future. In a bid for greater transparency, maturation history is included on the back label of each rum to show where it was matured and for how long.

Mark has Synaesthesia, which means he smells in colour. The colour that he smells is represented on the bottom label of each bottle. Does the colour relate to a certain flavour profile? Only time will tell!

The Line-Up

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