Rhum Damoiseau use a terroir driven approach when it comes to creation of their rhum. They are made with 100% first-pressed aromatic and flavourful sugarcane juice that is extracted by pressing quality, estate grown sugarcane. This process is inspired by the enjoyment of great brandies, more particularly by the Armagnac of southwestern France.

Rhum Damoiseau purchased the Bellevue Estate in 1942 by founder Roger Damoiseau. Today it is still family owned and run by his grandson, Herve Damoiseau.

The remarkable alchemy of Rhum Agricole crafted from Guadeloupe’s illustrious sugarcane and aged in the world’s finest oak barrels give these remarkable rhums radiant colour hues and long smooth finishes.

"Each of the Damoiseau products has a soul and a history. We wish to give the consumer the opportunity to share and experiment with our values and to taste our products that are created in the traditional way."

- Hervé Damoiseau

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