From the dedication of the Maestros del Ron Cubano comes the highest expression of the Cuban Rum making tradition: Santiago de Cuba Rum.

The Oriente province, in the south east of the island, has been known as the Cradle of Light Rum since 1862, and Santiago is the city where the most respected Cuban rums have been created.

Our lush terroir is an unmatched microclimate; with the sweltering sun, humidity of the land and the sea culminating in the optimum conditions for growing sugar cane, enriching the ageing process and bringing depth to our unique liquid.

Our rum is aged in the Don Pancho warehouse, renowned as ‘the cathedral of Cuban rum’. Its unique location is so close to the train tracks that legend tells the barrels tremble when they pass, influencing the ageing process.

Our Maestros are particularly proud of the reserves of old barrels they use to create our unique liquid, some as old as 90 years. All of our rums undergo a 100% natural ageing process with zero additives, sugar or chemicals added.

The process of blending, charcoal filtration of the liquid, together with the use of different types of casks to bring out subtle variations of flavour, forms the age-old expertise of the Cuban Rum Masters.

With 161 uninterrupted years of lineage, knowledge, skills and expertise in rum making that has been passed down through the generations of Maestros, Santiago de Cuba’s rum making tradition is unrivalled.

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