The Colours of Rum brand was launched in 2020 by an experienced team of spirits enthusiasts from Wealth Solutions. They created a simple yet eye-catching design in a range of colours. Within this setup, you can find unique series of products for connoisseurs and collectors alike. Each rum is a single cask, bottled at cask strength, with no added sweeteners or additives. The collection features a diverse selection of rums from various locations, such as Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad, and Barbados. The brand also boasts a special high-end release named 'Impressions,' which includes exceptional Hampden from 1990 and Caroni from 1998, created in collaboration with Steffen Mayer, the author of a renowned book about Caroni, the silent distillery from Trinidad. The Colours of Rum is available globally through a network of renowned retail partners, not only in Europe but also in Taiwan, the USA, and Australia.


The Line-up

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