Single Barrel Selection is a 1423 series of single barrel rums from all over the world. More than 50 expressions have already been released during the past four years, covering a wide portfolio of different rum styles and origins. 

S.B.S focuses on the pure rum straight from the barrel, without additives or chill-filtration. All expressions are bottled at high ABVs, some at cask strength. Our rum is either sourced directly from distilleries or from a rum broker. The barrels get shipped to Denmark where they are stored at our own warehouse.

Depending on the rum and barrels available we every now and then decide to fill the rum into a new barrel to give it a finish fitting the rum's taste profile. Each barrel gets inspected individually and remains at our warehouse until we evaluate the rum to be at its peak of quality.  Once the rum reaches that peak it gets bottled by hand at our warehouse finishing the cycle of craftmanship in a manner we see fit. 

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